Prepare for takeoff!

Prepare for takeoff!

SandClover is all about adventure and travel as a couple.

We are typically a little older than most of the long-term travelers that we meet, but we’re hoping to help inspire folks to break the two-weeks (at best) per-year vacation cycle, by sharing tips and strategies. You’ll find that our travel style is mostly budget-friendly, with some splurging. Our aim is to set up a forum that shares tips, events, and deals with fellow explorers, while providing an honest, behind-the-scenes look from each of our perspectives. Chris and I have an insatiable wanderlust and we’re looking forward to sharing our adventures (and, of course, mis-adventures)!

We hope that you find our journey helpful in planning and embarking on your own! But if not helpful, at least entertaining!

Happy adventuring,

P.S. Update: March 21, 2017: Our plan was to set up this site before we left, perhaps even revisiting and sharing some of our past experiences. However, it turns out that just wasn’t in the cards. So we’ll be updating as much as our single laptop, limited wifi circumstances allow.

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