Golden Triangle: Jaipur, India

Golden Triangle: Jaipur, India

What to Expect:

  1. Jaipur is called the pink city

  2. We saw animals everywhere

    Snake charmers, camels, goats, elephants. We watched a monkey run across a woman’s lap to grab some abandoned food. If you’re interested, there are many places and options for interacting with the animals – camel rides, elephant rides, etc.

What Not to Miss:

  1. Amer Fort (with Elephant Ride)

    Called both Amer and Amber fort, this grand fort is situated at the top of Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) and accessible by foot, car or elephant ride. The fort is made of Sandstone and marble, and includes a stunning palace of mirrors. Elephant rides can be taken to the top of the hill through the Sun Gate. Truthfully, as soon as we started the elephant ride, I felt guilty. I was advised that the elephants were treated humanely, but I did not do any research to confirm this. While the elaphants were incredibly beautiful, I would not have ridden one if I could do it over. Not only am I not sure about how they are treated, they blow out of their trunks often and the ride is awkward and uncomfortable. The fort, however, is beautiful and worth a visit.

  2. Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds)

    Because women were not allowed to attend festivals our go outside without their faces covered, this tall palace was built to allow them to view the activities without being seen. It has a stunning facade, which can be viewed when passing from the outside if you aren’t interested in doing a tour of the interior.

  3. Jal Mahal

    This floating palace is in the middle of Man Sagar lake. Four of the five floors are underwater. It is abandoned and cannot be toured (there used to be boat rides that are now prohibited), but it is worth a stop on the way to Amer Fort. You can visit the street market and view the palace from the landside pathway.

  4. City Palace

    In the center of the Old City, a tour of the palace offers some great insight into history of Jaipur (the first planned city in India). There is a private palace, where some of the royal descendants still reside.

  5. Ganesham Textile and Handicraft

    Stop by to learn the process of hand┬áblock printing and to order some custom-made textiles. You can have items shipped home so you don’t need to pack them.

Other Tips:

  1. Glitz Hotel had a good buffet lunch

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